Meet Colabora

We offer a complete management platform of Export and Import operations, which can be integrated into any management system (ERP). With resources capable of controlling each shipment individually, gattering documents, messagens, tasks, deadlines, responsible and reports, we provide high operational and strategic performance, bringing quick and meaningful results.

To ensure that your company gets real gains in efficiency, we use Monitored Implantation combining Colabora Internacional staff expertise in foreign trade and in applying the platform with expert support. In addition, we offer Auditing and Consulting services in Foreign Trade processes, allocating full technical knowledge to your business. We have expert teams in our office, located at Porto Alegre/RS – Brasil, serving users in 5 continents.

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The platform “Colabora Internacional” is a powefull management and reporting tool to export and import,
which provides a leading position to your company.


processes based on models
operating your company.


Accurate information
and updated.


Clear definition of responsible,
tasks and deadlines.


Quick and easy access of those
responsible for each operation.

Colabora Internacional


Customized operational models, including tasks, timelines and responsible.


For groups with multiple companies in the same shipment.


Manual, semi-automatic and automatic.

Integration with Inttra

Booking, drafts and Bill of Lading.

Integration with GPS

Cargo tracking.


Payments and receipts control

No need to be installed

No. It works under the concept “SaaS” (Software as a Service / Software as a Service) 100% Web-based, so any kind of installation is not required in your company network.

Integration with your ERP

Our system has two types of interactions to choose automatic and manual, each has its own peculiarities. Contact us for more information.


Our system has two types of interactions to choose automatic and manual, each has its own peculiarities. Contact us for more information.



    Is the “Colabora Internacional” platform a management system (ERP)?

    No. It is a management tool for foreign trade operations. It does not compete with the management system (ERP) of your company, but operates complementarily and can be integrated, avoiding rework. It focuses on optimizing the control of exports and imports.

    Does the “Colabora Internacional” platform need to be installed?

    No. It works under the concept “SaaS” (Software as a Service) 100% in Web, so installations of any kind are unnecessary on your company’s network.

    Is the platform suitable for companies from with size?

    Any company that operates in some part of the process of export and/or import can use the platform, regardless of size or number of operations.

    In which language does the platform work?

    The platform can be configured in English, Spanish or Portuguese, according each user’s preference, also simplifying the use of external users.

    Can the platform be integrated with the management system (ERP) of my company?

    Yes. There are two kinds of integration: semi-automatic and automatic. In semi-automatic integration, operations are created, tasks are completed and documents are published through file naming. In automatic integration all information relating to the operations of export/import management system in your company is integrated into the “Colabora Internacional” platform, avoiding rework.

    Can I view reports and graphs through the platform?

    Yes. All information can be extracted in reports and graphs that help the analysis and control of data.

    Can these reports be exported to excel?

    Yes. All reports can be exported to Excel. That facilitates interaction and control of information.

    Which is the security policy of the information used?

    We offer, via world-class Data Center, full access security, hosting and technology in storage and encrypted data transfer.