Colabora Internacional is a company specialized in technology solutions and knowledge in the area of Foreign Trade.

We offer a complete management platform of Export and Import operations, which can be integrated into any management system. With resources capable of controlling each shipment’s documents, tasks, deadlines, responsible and reports, we provide high operational and strategic performance, bringing quick and meaningful results.
To ensure that your company gets real gains in efficiency, we use Monitored Implantation that combine Colabora Internacional’s expertise in foreign trade and in applying the platform with expert support. We have expert team in our Office, locates atn Porto Alegre/RS – Brasil, serving users in 5 continents


We offer a complete package of technology and expertise in foreign trade for maximum performance in export and import operations for your company.

“Colabora Internacional”: management platform of Foreign Trade operations

Manage, organize and facilitate access to information of your foreign trade operations. With the “Colabora Internacional” platform, your company will act, in fact, as the leader of operations.

We provide a high-performance management, with teams who are able to react quickly and effectively to unexpected situations.

With the platform, you gather in a single communication channel, all internal staff, other involved sectors, service providers, customers and suppliers.

By being able to gather information on shipments, documents, deadlines, tasks and responsible, with the help of tools such as reports, graphs and instant messaging, it offers full visibility of your company’s foreign trade operations and ensures maximum efficiency in process management with real-time monitoring of all necessary information.

  • Operational Standard
  • Wide view
  • Time and cost reduction
  • Effective management