The “Colabora Internacional” platform is a powerful tool for managing and reporting for exports and imports, which provides a leadership position to your company.

LEAD your foreign trade operations through control, visualization and FULL coordination of the processes.


By using the platform, your company employs maximum efficiency in processes, through a robust Web-based platform. In addition, our team allocates expertise in foreign trade to build, together with your company, operating models capable of bringing high performance and control to your export and import operations.

The “Colabora Internacional” team’s performance in implementing the platform provides to your company, the differential innovative.

We create operational models that that meet the needs of each export and import, including tasks, responsible, deadlines and documentation which allows real-time monitoring of operations so that the company which manages the platform gains in organization, control, transparency and visibility.


Processes based on the operational models of your company.


Accurate and
updated information.


Clear definition of responsibility,
tasks and deadlines.


Quick and easy access for those responsible for each operation.

The platform is able to gather internal departments, service providers, suppliers and customers in an environment controlled by your company:

  • Provides effective communication between all involved parties.
  • Increases the area of control and visibility of the managing company, beyond the internal limits.
  • Creates a collaborative community, where each involved member understands their importance within the process’s priorities, contributing to the success of each operation, and not only their sector.

We like to emphasize that we do not compete with your management system (which operates within the limits of the company), but we operate in a complementary and integrative way, enhancing the efficiency of your company in managing foreign trade operations.


  • Works under the concept of “SaaS” (Software as a Service)100% Web-based, so you do not need any kind of installation on the network of your company.
  • Can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet through logins that are configured for your company.
  • High technology and security storage and encrypted data transfer.
  • Can be configured in English, Spanish and Portuguese, according to the preference of each user.


Innovation in management of large volumes

Strength to support the growth of small volumes

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The “Colabora Internacional” platform has configurable modules that can be purchased according to the needs of each company.

  • Basic: customized operational models, including tasks, timelines and responsible.
  • Sub-sets: for groups with multiple companies in the same shipment.
  • Integrations: manual, semi-automatic and automatic.
  • Integrations with Inttra: booking, drafts and Bill of Lading.
  • GPS route trace: cargo tracking.
  • Financial: payments and receipts control.
  • Tasks control: support tasks.


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